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Draft NICE Guidelines recommend use of 24-hr ABPM >

Feb 2011:

GPs in the UK are set for a huge change in the management of millions of patients with high blood pressure, after draft NICE guidelines recommended use of 24-hour ABPM to make all new diagnoses and guide treatment.

It is claimed the move would save GPs time and the NHS millions in the long run by preventing inaccurate diagnoses. GPs and Hospital Consultants who are concerned about increased workloads will be interested to hear about dabl ABPM which automatically interprets ABPM data to generate a comprehensive report.

It is the only 24-hour blood pressure system which has been proven to be more accurate and consistent than a leading group of international hypertension experts* and is especially suitable for those clinics that may not have the expertise to interpret 24-hour blood pressure readings.

Periodic updates are overseen by the dabl Medical Advisory Board and are automatically added to the system, in line with new research and best practice in the hypertension area. This ensures that patients are being treated to the highest level.

The system links to a number of validated ABPM devices, which means that clinics are not tied to one device nor do they have to use multiple proprietary systems if they have different devices. Combining it's simple interface, automatic interpretative reporting and trend reporting, dabl ABPM is the most cost-effective and expert system available today.

A leading international authority on 24-hr ABPM, commented that "The NICE guidelines are a major advance in the management of hypertension in that for the first time ABPM is recommended as the technique of choice for measuring blood pressure, especially to identify white coat hypertension, which may occur in 25% of subjects. Failure to identify this condition and to diagnose nocturnal hypertension have resulted in the serious mismanagement of hypertension".

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*Ref: Computerized reporting improves the clinical use of ABPM Blood Pressure Monitoring 2010, 15:115-123

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