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Dec 2010: dabl ABPM Pharmacy wins Medical Technology Industry Excellence Award
dabl Ltd is proud to be announced as a winner at the Medical Technology Industry Excellence Awards for developing and commercialising an online blood pressure diagnostic service which helps Pharmacies to prevent stroke and heart disease.

Nov 2010: dabl Ltd shortlisted for Irish Exporter Award
dabl Ltd were recently nominated as one of four finalists at the Irish Exporters Awards under the Innovation Exporter Award for their product dabl ABPM Pharmacy. The award recognises companies that have made a significant innovative contribution to exporting as a result of a new technology, product or service, or a new use for an existing product.

August 2010Lloydspharmacy UK blood pressure study
The results of a new study by Lloydspharmacy, shows that as many as 5.5 million young people in the UK are showing signs of high blood pressure.  The study, which involved 8568 people over the age of 16, showed that only one in four had an ideal or normal blood pressure reading. Full Report

June 2010: Independent study reveals dabl system leads the way in accurate cardiovascular diagnosis
dabl’s computerised system for diagnosing 24 hour blood pressure is more accurate and consistent than a leading group of international hypertension experts, an independent study has revealed.  Press Release

June 2010: dabl 24-hour ABPM now available in Boots
Boots today announced the launch of a pilot research study of the dabl 24-hour blood pressure service at selected pharmacies in Ireland. Press Release

May 2010: McCabes Pharmacy launch dabl ABPM service
McCabes Pharmacy, an Irish Pharmacy group with 21 stores nationwide, announces the launch of the dabl online blood pressure diagnostic service to help prevent stroke and heart disease. View Press Release

May 2010: dabl Cardiovascular system chosen for Cork and Kerry Heart Disease and Diabetes study
The dabl Cardiovascular software system has been chosen for one of the largest and most detailed heart disease studies carried out in Ireland to date, the Cork and Kerry Heart Disease and Diabetes study. View Press Release.

May 2010: Read about "white-coat" effect and how doctors cause blood pressure to rise. View BBC News Article

Apr 2010: dabl launch the dabl National Shared Care Cardiovascular System in Ireland
View communication from our Managing Director, Mr William Rickard on the recent launch in Ireland of the dabl National Shared Care Cardiovascular System and find out further information on how our system is linking primary and secondary care for better and more efficient management of patients and resources.

View diagram of how patients are diagnosed and managed using the dabl range of integrated cardiovascular healthcare systems.

Mar 2010:  Minister announces dabl deal in Italy
At a St Patrick’s Day event in Milan, Minister Brendan Smith announced the rollout of the dabl 24-hour blood pressure service in Italian pharmacy network, Alphega Pharmacy, which has 750 stores.View press release.

Mar 2010:  The blood pressure variability is discussed
There has been a recent deluge of papers on an often-neglected aspect of blood pressure, namely its variability and the consequences of fluctuations in blood pressure on cardiovascular outcome, most particularly stroke. View article

Mar 2010:  Blood Pressure variance in the media
New approach needed for blood pressure, Irish Times article
Blood pressure fluctuations are a warning sign of stroke, BBC news article

Mar 2010:  Hypertension in the elderly
Dr Eamon Dolan, Consultant Geriatrician in stroke and hypertension speaks about keeping up-to-date in the management of hypertension in the elderly. View article


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