dabl Geriatric Module

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dabl Geriatric is an additional module available with the dabl Cardiovascular system, used for the assessment and management of elderly patients.

For medical teams, it is designed to assist with a comprehensive evaluation and provide an ongoing management tool for older patients. The system provides a complete summary of the six major quality of life indices, for the medical team.

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Benefits of dabl Geriatric > 

Easily manage older patients

A comprehensive and unique user-friendly system for the management of elderly cardiovascular patients.

Automatic calculation of indices

Fast and comprehensive results based on data entered.

Shared Care of patients

Easily link specialist and community care online, in real-time at a minimum cost to local and national health services. 

More patients are treated locally, reducing significantly the number of journeys required for treatment. 

Efficient and cost effective

As the system is online there are no additional costs to support a locally installed system. 

Evidenced based

The dabl Geriatric module was developed by dabl in collaboration with the University Hospital of Florence.

Unique Cardiology / Geriatric system

The Geriatric system is an additional module in the dabl Cardiovascular system providing the only Cardiovascular - Geriatric system available for the management and treatment of older cardiovascular patients.

Features of dabl Geriatric >

6 major quality of life indices

Katz Index of Independence in Basic Activities of Daily Living (BADL)

Lawton’s Index of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL)

Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)

Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)

Charlson Index of Co-morbidity

Guralnik’s Short Physical Performance Battery Score

Examines patient’s current status

Their physical, mental, and psycho-social health.

Their living arrangements.

Their ability to function well and to independently perform the basic activities of daily living.

Automatic Diagnosis

Summary of the quality of life indices is provided.

dabl Geriatric online system requirements - Low Cost, Secure and Convenient >

Only requirements

Broadband and Internet Explorer Browser

High level of security

All data encrypted and backed up  

Minimal cost

No software installed locally, no local server required, automatic updates to the system.

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